Nice to meet you! 
I'm Aryeh Brickner

Following the completion of my business degree from YU and after briefly working in NY, I moved to Israel on September 11th, 2001 (true story!). I live in the tranquil town of Zichron Yaakov, Israel with my wife and three children.

​I am passionate about all things related to management and leadership and have I extensive experience leading large teams in complex business environments. I've managed business units both within private and public company’s responsible for the sales, marketing and overall P&L.

I can provide practical, down to earth,training with techniques that any willing manager can implement based on the needs on your team, your organization, or even just yourself. 

 In my personal time, I love running and all things ice cream - not necessarily in that order! I have completed multiple half-marathons both in Israel and Florida.  Also, if you like Star Wars, we'll have plenty to talk about!


“I am seasoned manager who loves to share his passion for all things related to management and leadership.”

Companies I've worked for:

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Spiral Solutions 

Casino Business Unit Manager and VP Marketing


VP Marketing Consumer Applications