Management Training

Managers are the heart and soul of an organization and are the driving force behind your business.

I can provide a series practical, and more importantly implementable, management training sessions. You’ll get no dizzying theories or prefabricated cookie cutter lessons from me. I will build a specific training program based on your team’s needs.

Ego and Humility​

Developing effective listening skills

How to delegate properly

Receiving and giving constructive feedback

sample Topics

Leadership 101

Managing Up: Dealing with your own manager

Meetings, done right.


How does it work?

First, we meet to discuss your business, your team, and your managerial challenges. Some teams are looking to develop a specific area such as listening skills, interdepartmental cooperation or coping with stress. While other want to have some general training on improving their overall management skills.

Based on your needs

I will build a tailor-made program for your team, with the goal of improving your team’s management skills. Managers that train together, perform better, have higher retention rates within the company, and will generate better business results!

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