• Aryeh Brickner

2019 Predictions: The Patriots will NOT make the Super Bowl!

Last week we visited the fateful decision that led to the Patriots beating the Seahawks in the Super Bowl in 2015, when Coach Carroll decided to pass instead of run. More importantly was his post-game blunder of not owning up to his decision.

Apparently, Bill Belichick doesn’t read my blog because he too was unable to utter those four magical words, necessary for great leadership, “I made a mistake”.

For whatever reason, and it will likely never be known, Coach Belichick decided at the last minute to bench one of his top defenders in the Super Bowl. As the coach, that's obviously his right, as every coach can and should decide which players they think will give them the best chance to win.

However, after getting eaten alive on defense during the entire game, he never gives Malcolm Butler a chance to play. In fact, Butler doesn’t play a single down on defense, after playing at his position during the entire season! Butler was not injured nor ill, as he did dress for the game and played on special teams.

At the post game interview and in subsequent follow up interviews, Coach Belichick never once displayed the ability to be humble and say, “I made a mistake, I should have given him a chance to play and see what he can do”. Most NFL commentators have said, that Belichick was trying to prove a point to Butler, “We can win without you”. Maybe he should have thought more about all the other players on the team who just lost a Super Bowl.

You heard it here first, the Patriots will not be the same next season. This will sow discord and discontent in the locker room as it did with the Seahawks. Maybe Belichick will change his tune in the off season, but if not, smart money says sorry Patriots, no Super Bowl appearance in 2019.

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