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Five reasons why you might not be delegating enough!

Last week we looked at some tips on how to delegate properly. But not all managers are able to relinquish control and assign work to their staff. Let’s look at some of the reasons why some managers insist on doing all the work themselves. See if you can find yourself on this list!

Five reasons you may not be delegating enough.

1. You feel the need to be in control. This is one of the most obvious obstacles when it comes to delegating. How can you delegate if you want to maintain control over everything? One helpful suggestion is to remember it’s the outcome which is important and not always the path taken. Focus on if the person accomplished the goal and not if they did it your way.

2. You’re don’t want to shine the spotlight on someone else. As a manager, part of your job is to highlight your employees work and their successes. Don’t let your own ego hold you back. If anything, shining a spotlight on others will show what a self-confident leader you are. If you have an important assignment, let one of your team take it on and allow everyone to see what a great job they did!

3. You lack confidence in your team members. First of all, if you don’t have confidence in your team to carry out certain activities there just may be a problem with your team. Managers who spend too much time doing tasks which their team should be performing aren’t doing themselves or anybody else any favors. Provide coaching, training, or anything else they need to get them up to speed. Secondly, sometimes our team’s lack confidence because we don’t instill enough of it in them, specifically by not delegating important assignments and letting them see that we do trust them. Such of a delightful paradox. Which category do you fit into?

4. You don’t take the time to prepare and think ahead. Delegation requires preparation! If you are a half decent manager, you won’t dump tasks on your team at the last minute and you’ll match the right task with the right person. All this requires planning. Some managers are too overwhelmed to take the time they need to delegate properly. But maybe they are overwhelmed because they aren’t delegating enough?!

5. You are scared about how things will look if they go wrong. One of the most difficult aspects of management is maintaining that delicate balance between being held accountable for your team’s performance, while not actually doing the work yourself. But why focus on the negative? If you’ve hired great people and given them proper guidance there’s no reason why they won’t be able to do the job. And in the event of a mistake or oversight, use it as an opportunity to solidify your leadership by showing some maturity and taking responsibility even if it wasn’t your handywork.

See yourself on this list somewhere? Drop a comment about how you go about handling your own worries about delegation.

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