• Aryeh Brickner

How big is he?! Connecting size to leadership.

Last week was the NFL combine, where hopeful NFL prospects ran drills, conducted interviews, got poked, prodded and measured. Texas A&M quarterback, Kyler Murray, has his measurements scrutinized like no one else in history.

The NFL has a prototypical size for a QB. 6’1-6’5 and 220 lbs., (give or take) and even a set of measurements for hand size. Kyler Murray breaks all these molds. He’s a “measly” 5’10, 207 with medium sized hands. Broadcasters, coaches, GM’s, and fans waited with bated breath to see how he would measure up and then proceeded to discuss the meaning of the numbers in relationship to his potential NFL career. The will never learn!

Doug Flutie was an undersized QB who had an outstanding CFL career and followed that up with an NFL career. Russell Wilson came into the league “undersized” and has gone on to win a Superbowl. More recently there’s been Johnny Manziel who was also slightly undersized and had a catastrophe of a career.

Nobody’s measurements can foretell the story of their success, especially on the football field where so much work goes into studying the game, making the right reads, and most importantly, being able to lead. Perhaps no position in any other sport is more important than the QB. To witness all the banter surrounding Kyler Murray’s hand size is hilarious when people should be focusing on his character and leadership ability. The list of standard sized QB’s who have failed in the NFL is endless and so many of them failed because of character and leadership issues.

All too often when we’re recruiting for a position, we get caught up in whatever “size” issue is related to our field. “Oh they worked at company X, we have to hire them! They know how to program in (pick your language) they must be smart. When was the last time you reviewed your hiring “measurement”? If you’re recruiting for a leadership position focus on character issues: Are they a good listener? Do they show compassion? Are they argumentative? And as always, with all things being equal, hire for humility.

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