• Aryeh Brickner

Six reasons it pays to work for a great manager!

Not everyone has the luxury of choosing who they work for. Often, we’re in a position we like, or is comfortable for us despite who we report to. Others simply need a job and are willing to take whatever reasonable position comes along.

However, at a certain time in our career we should have some regard for who our manager is, because while we don’t always consider them, there can be many far reaching implications.

Why you should work for a great boss!

1. Your mental health. As I wrote about last week, there is no amount of money in the world worth paying the mental health price for. It can impact our physical health as well as our relationships with spouses, children, co-workers etc. When you work for a great boss, you feel great about your job, your self-worth, and are generally just happier. A great boss can literally add on years to your life.

2. They care about your career. In short, there are three types of managers. Those who like to keep their employees down, those who are neutral, and those who want to see their employees catapulted into the stars. (figuratively) Find the third kind if you really want to develop yourself and your career. Find a boss that will nurture and cultivate your talent and truly wants to see you succeed even if it means losing you on their team. A great boss can literally make or break your career which can have significant impact on your earnings potential.

3. They will consider you down the road. Career trajectories often mix, but if your manager is an arc which is above yours, you can find yourself in the enviable position of having someone who will look after your career. If they find a nice new gig somewhere, their first phone call just might be to recruit you for a better position.

4. You will have amazing coworkers. Great managers tend to hire great people. You’ll find yourself surrounded with talented, upbeat, fun, colleagues who will make your day at the office even more enjoyable.

5. Your learning curve will be exponentially greater. Not only does a good manager make us feel good, but they challenge us, inspire us, and motivate us to be the best version our professional selves that we can be. If you work for someone who doesn’t care enough to do that, you are selling yourself short.

6. You will have an excellent professional managerial example to follow. The importance of seeing great management in action firsthand, cannot be overstated. If you work for someone awesome, soak it all in, so when you get a turn at the helm, you'll know how to steer the ship!

So, if you haven’t given much thought as to whom you are reporting to and why, take a minute to reflect on some of the points above and see if any of them resonate with you.

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