• Aryeh Brickner

The “D” word: Delegation! 6 tips on how to do it properly.

Every manager knows one of the keys to success is having the ability to delegate. After all they can’t be expected to handle everything themselves. Yet, not everyone know how to properly delegate assignments. They may randomly assign projects as people walk in their door or be unable to relinquish “control” of a situation. So before you start tossing tasks at people, have a look at the list below!

Here’s 6 tips on how to delegate effectively:

1. Present the desired outcome. “I need all these boxes moved out of the meeting room for an important client meeting." This might lead someone to simply move them into the hallway! “But I moved them out of the meeting room?!” So, make sure the person understands the desired outcome. “We’re having an important client visit, and I want the office tidied up for them. So let's please move these boxes out of the meeting room and out of site for the day”.

2. Empower them to decide on the best route to reach the desired outcome. Granted, you may feel compelled to provide some guidance or tips but give them some latitude to allow them to work out the details themselves. Employees often will follow a manager’s “suggestions”, so if it is just a suggestion make sure they know it.   

3. Provide them all the necessary information to succeed! If you are going to delegate a task take the time you need to relay the information properly. "You got peanut butter cookies for the CEO visit?! I think I neglected to mention she is allergic to peanuts"

4. Choose the right person. Successfully delegating means matching the right activity with the right person. If you need someone to make some important phone calls, choose someone who can project a healthy dose of confidence. And if your goal is to move someone out of there comfort zone, it doesn’t hurt to tell them that. Otherwise, they just might sit there thinking, “My manager clearly doesn’t know what I am good at!”

5. Set expectations with the person you’ve delegated too. Do you want daily reports, weekly reports or “Just let me know when it’s done”?

6.Most importantly, be sure to give them proper credit! There’s almost nothing as demotivating as working on a project only to watch your manager take the credit, even if it’s just an honest mistake or oversite.

Next week we’ll delve into the main reasons why managers don’t delegate enough!

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