• Aryeh Brickner

The one skill a manager can't live without…

During the course of writing my book I’ve encountered numerous decision points, be it length, tone, title, editing, etc. I need to decide whom to turn to for advice, suggestions, feedback, and then when it comes, which do I take, and which do I discard? Every word, sentence, and or paragraph break is a decision to be made!

This got me thinking about all the decisions managers must make daily. Be it budgets, planning, timelines, HR, meetings, spending, creatives, or platforms, our managerial lives are and endless line of decision points. Often one thing that separates a manager from an employee is the ability to make decisions. And unfortunately sometimes managers who can’t make decisions, manage to slip through the cracks!

Whenever an employee came to me with a deliberation, they always knew the first thing I would ask them is, “What do you think?” Some employees were taken aback as if in shock that someone wanted to hear their opinion. These were usually employees that had worked for very directive driven managers in the past and were used to receiving marching orders.

Other employees would look at me like a proverbial “Deer in headlights”, as if to say, “What do you want from me, isn’t it your job as the manager to decide?”

A third type of employee would often waver back and forth between one, two or even three possible decisions seemingly vacillating endlessly unable to give a firm commitment.

And yes, there were many who came with a coherent argument for a specific course of action and stood their ground firmly about it. (These were usually my favorites!)

Why and how people make decisions is a long-studied field with fascinating insights. More to follow!

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