• Aryeh Brickner

Vacations: Why good managers take them!

Years ago, I worked with a manager who proudly boasted that he hadn’t taken a day off in 5 years. During the course of our conversation I came to the realization he thought that was a sign of his excellent managerial skills. Always at the office. I thought otherwise.

Some managers are scared to take time off. They worry about how their team will function during their absence. They worry about deadlines and the workload which will greet them upon their return. Some are misguided into thinking that a sign of a good manager is one who is never out of the office.

Why is it important for a manager to take vacation?

1. You are setting an example for your team. Maybe you truly love being at work and going away is a pain. Maybe you don’t have or don’t want to spend the money to go away. So, stay home and read books! When you never take a day off you are setting a poor example for you staff as they may feel compelled to follow your very imbalanced work-life balancing act.

2. It gives your staff a chance to flourish. When you go away it provides an opportunity for you to see how your team functions without you. It could be you don’t need to micromanage as much as you thought. Perhaps your team increases communication and cooperation during your absence and creates even stronger working relationships. Your staff will learn to solve issues without involving you. You can see which one of them may have management potential by leaving them in charge. There are literally endless side benefits to being out of the office.

3. It gives you a chance to re-charge your own batteries and see things from a different perspective. Life can be hectic and having a break is just the thing you need. Also, that feeling of being burnt out can creep up on you without warning. Taking a vacation is a nice way to refresh and recharge your batteries for work.

4. Your boss will see what a great manager you are! When your team shines while you are away you can be sure people are taking notice and will try and emulate your good example.

Haven’t taken a vacation in a while? Book that trip today! And click here if you’re looking for a good read while relaxing at the beach!

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