• Aryeh Brickner

We hired Joe who?! Why structures and reputation matter.

The NY Football Giants, who officially stink for many years running, announced a new coaching hire. Joe Judge. Joe who? Exactly!

This got me thinking about hiring in general especially when relating to managers and structure. Seemingly one of the main problems that Giants had with hiring a new coach, is that their new coach would report to old school GM David Gettleman. (who recently came out at a press conference saying that he hired some “computer guys”!)

Who you report to is every bit as much important as what your job is and the company you are working for. Being associated with outdated management and leadership was a major negative in Gettleman’s ability to attract true top-level talented coaches. This doesn’t mean Joe won’t be a success, it just means that the Giants were extremely limited with the scope of their search.

If you are managing above multiple levels, it’s important to pay attention to the reputation of your managers. Are they highly regarded within your company? Are they known as industry leaders? Do colleagues look to them for guidance? Are they intelligent but lack some emotional intelligence?

As well, pay attention to the reporting structure for new hires, as any competent potential employee will want to know who they will report too. While some people simply want to report to someone with a fancy title, others truly want to report to someone who will contribute to their development as an employee and as a person.

When a company has a hard time attracting talent, they often throw money at the problem, either by raising their profile or raising salaries. This in turn often attracts people who simply care about salaries and are less concerned with team success. A far easier solution which is common is to just blame HR claiming they don’t know how to attract talent but that’s usually just a crutch.

All too often, the issue is with who this job is reporting too, or which division they are working for. Sometimes a company will spend months seeking the right candidate only to come to the grim conclusion that the problem isn’t lack of candidates but rather with themselves and the way their business is organized.

Perhaps the Giants were aware that keeping Dave Gettleman would dwindle down their pool of candidates, and perhaps they didn’t care. But some of us do…

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